Homeoculture 12 Flap Sarees Bag Saree Cover 1 Bag for 12 Sarees Collection 1 Bag for Keeping 12 Sarees,Wedding Collection Gift – Random Color Textured Dotted Random Color


Biggest size availbale in entire market Size : – 25x16x6 , World wide supply same quality available in india 12 Sarees bag, saree cover, 1 bag for keeping 12 sarees ,Wedding Collection, Bridal Set Exclusive collection of 1 single Bag for keeping your 12 sarees collection It’s a best option to organize all your costly sarees in one bag to avoid dust,insect and moisture. Inside this bag you will get 12 separate zipped cover attached to keep your sarees collection in one bag in one place. Its also useful to carry while going for a holiday. You can keep your light as well as heavy work saree/ suit in this kit, which is having space for 12 sarees. Product specification · Space: One big space saree bag with 12 separate saree cover attached inside, with transparent stripe on each cover to enable you to see which saree is kept inside, · High quality zip and stitching is used. ·



  • Jumbo Size Saree Bag , You can keep your heavy wedding saree easily
  • Size : – 25x16x6 inches ,Biggest size available in entire market ,World wide supply same quality By Homeoculture
  • It’s a best option to use while travelling and it will help you to keep your saree in a separate cover from other items in your luggage.
  • 12 flaps in one bag , Hand made cover made of Cotton cloth
  • Long life High quality saree cover Bag for organizing your costly and favorite sarees