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  • INCLUDES: 1 pink & 1 blue kid’s u-shaped toothbrush, 1 protective case, ebook guide on safeguarding and boosting kid’s oral health
  • U-SHAPED TOOTHBRUSH: Ergonomic design suitable for child’s dental structure aged 2 to 6 years. Ensures maximum teeth contact providing 360 degree cleaning without gagging or choking while protecting all three sides of your child’s teeth.
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE BRISTLES: Soft & durable bristles for gentle cleaning and massaging of your toddler’s tender gums. The BPA free silicone material inhibits bacterial growth and guards teeth against germs.
  • HEART-SHAPED HANDLE: Lightweight & easy to hold while strengthening your infant’s hand muscles. The broad, hollow, heart-shaped handle allows the toothbrush to be held by one or both the hands as per the infant’s comfort.
  • DIRECTIONS: Apply toothpaste on both sides of the bristles. Place it in the mouth & gently move the handle left and right. Rinse it with water and place it inside the cover. Sterilize the bristles by dipping it in warm water for 2 mins before the first use. We recommend to replace the toothbrush every 3 months. We would still suggest to use the normal toothbrush (nylon bristles) once or twice a week along with the regular use of our U-Shaped Toothbrush.
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Them: Broken Bristles

Low quality bristles that tend to break easily

Us: Strong & Elastic Bristles

High strength & durable bristles to withstand the chewing temptation

Them: Prone To Dirt

Highly vulnerable to surrounding germs

Us: Protective Cover

Additional cover for keeping toothbrush clean and sterile

Traditional Toothbrush

  • Hard nylon bristles can be painful & irritating
  • Not ideal for teething babies
  • Needs parental supervision



U-Shaped Toothbrush

  • Easy to hold due to its heart-shaped design
  • Anti-choking, fun & liked by kids
  • Tackle your kid’s impatience



Cope With Teething

  • Relieves teething discomfort
  • Handle your child’s aggressive brushing
  • Massages gums


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